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The aim of Forest Frontiers & Forest School is to work with a variety of individuals in the outdoors over a period of time, introducing responsible risk‐taking and fostering achievement in all participants.

Children are supported in their learning through an holistic approach which can encourages the exploration of the outdoor environment and an appreciation for nature.  

Our team use learning and teaching strategies which develop confidence, emotional resilience, independence, language and communication skills and increase levels of physical activity and mental well‐being.

Key Features of Forest Frontiers

Woodland Setting

The use of a woodland‐learning environment is complimentary, therefore not separate to traditional classroom and playground learning meaning our sessions are highly child‐centred.

Outdoor time

Sessions are regular and frequent to encourage time in the outdoors. Forest Frontier School is not an actual place but a specific ethos.  It is a way of working with people in an outdoor natural space for an extended period of time and a philosophy built around a programme of engaging activities.


Freedom to Explore

Children and families are given the freedom to explore sense of self and place using multiple senses 

Qualified Staff

Sessions are ran by qualified Forest School Leaders (Level 3 Open Award) and there is a high adult to child ratio 


A Forest Frontiers session will typically include:

  • Games, such as hide and seek
  • Building small, temporary shelters using tarpaulins or fallen materials
  • Woodland and nature art
  • Knot tying
  • Nature activities
  • May include the use of Kelly Kettles (selfcontained, portable devices for boiling water using twigs or other small, combustible materials)
  • Camp fires which may include activities such as creating charcoal from natural object to cooking.
  • Wood carving projects
  • Tool use (bow saws, loppers, billhooks and knives)

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Forest Frontiers Types of Experiences


Our educational sessions can be tailored to meet each individual settings requirements. We have a variety of packages available with great offers.

  • Nature Play
  • Nature Art
  • Leaning how to use tools
  • Learning how to use fires
  • Woodland games
  • Den Building
  • Tree Climbing
  • Physical Workouts
  • Hands on experiences
  • Wildlife experiences
  • Curriculum based learning
  • Team Building

Our Locations

  • Blainscough Nature Reserve
  • Chisnall Hall Nature Reserve
  • Springfield Park Leisure Centre
  • Chisnall Hall Nature Reserve
  • Croston, Leyland

What Our Families are Saying

We would definitely recommend Forest Frontiers

 We would definitely recommend Forest Frontiers to anyone who wants to get their children into nature or who wants to try something different

Everything has been so well organised, there was a lovely atmosphere and I think that everybody got something out of spending some time in nature and seeing how happy the children were.

Thank you for making todays session so special, we will be back soon 

Thank you Amanda

We had such a fab morning! Really well organised, fun and friendly. Can’t wait for the next session. Would deffo recommend. Thank you Amanda xx

We had a great morning!

We had a great morning. Complete range of ages and I think every child got something out of it. Really well organised and was great to see the children interacting together. Looking forward to seeing future sessions planned.